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Monday, April 16, 2012

16 de abril de 2012

hello family!!!!!!!!
yea i know that it is late in the day but i got the email to you! haha! today we got together as a zone and went to a house of a member here to spend the day. his house is huge!!!!!!! it was pretty awesome! we had a bbq and we played around a lot. and president pinho and his wife came too so it was pretty awesome!
so this week was pretty awesome, yesterday we did that activity where alll the elders from the zone (8 groups) came to our ward to visit everyone! it was pretty great. the members that participated were pretty impressed to see 16 missionaries all at once! but all went well and i think that almost everyone got visited. the only thing was that the fireside afterwards didnt happen because president pinho had to speak at the MTC. but other than that the visits went really well and now we just need to plann really well to help them get active again.
but other than that the week was pretty normal. our area is very hilly and makes it difficult to plan really well because the houses can be 2 streets away from the others but they are on opposite sides of the hill... but it is all good and i am getting in pretty good shape. but the amazing thing is that it looks like i am still the same weight. so i guess that means that we are being fed good (so you doint have to worry mom). my companion is awesome! i am learning so much with him! he only has 7 more weeks left on the mission so he knows really well how to work! but i need to learn as much as i can with him this week because next week he is going to be transfered. but we are doing really good together. and if all goes as planned this week we will be able to have 4 baptisms! pray for us that all goes well!
so it sounds like you all had a pretty great week! thank you for all the pictures they were great! and good job with the eagle projects dallin and trevor! finish stong!
i love you all so much! i cant believe how fast the time is going! i have already been gone for 8 1/2 months! it is crazy! and i will do my best to get everything figured out for mothers day!
i love you!
Elder Knudson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

9 de abril de 2012

hey family!
another week has come and gone and we have 2 more weeks to the transfer.
the time is going by so fast and it is really hard to believe! this week was a
pretty good week! yesterday at church i got to teach gospel principles class by
surprise! yay! luckily it was on baptism so it wasnt that hard or anything!
haha! but the class went really good and it was really neat to see our
investigators progressing and becoming more interested each time that they go to
church! and on turesday we went to the area of the sisters to help them out,
they are openning the area and they have very little investigators, so we went
over there and talked with EVERYONE! and by the end of the day we had almost 20
referals for them and 4 new families to teach. so it went really well
the work here is going really good too, we are working a lot to find new
people and teach a lot. i dont think that we have any thing spectacular planned
this week, but on sunday we are going to have an activity to reactivate everyone
that is less active and then after we are going to have a fireside with the
stake where our mission president will come and talk. it should be really
awesome! but we have divided up everyone for the visits and everything is
almost ready.
easter was good here! it is a little different, instead of little eggs
hidden everywhere they have giant chocolate eggs that they give to each other.
it was good!
so it sounds like everyone is diong good back home! take of the bikes for
when i come home!
so i have been thinking a lot lately about the scriptures and their role in
our lives. it is amazing to think of the work that all the acient prophets put
into writing on metal plate. they didnt know why, they didnt know the affect
that it would have on anyone, but it was a commandment for them and they
faithfully wrote. and almost 2000 years later we have them in our hands. but
what can we take from all of this? the things we do today may not bring
imidiate fruits, but some day, the fruit will ripen and the joy we will have is
undescribable. so when we get discouraged, we should think of the sacrifices we
are making, and WHY we need to make them and i know that we will always be
comforted in our hardships!
i love you all! have a great week!
Elder Knudson

2 de abril de 2012

hello everyone!
another week down and lots of lessons learned! conference was amazing! we
got to watch all of the sessions at the stake center here. it was cool to think
that everyone was watching them all at the same time. except the priesthood
session, we watched that one at 6 in the morning on sunday. but i loved all of
the talks! i dont really remember all of my notes are in the house, but it was
pretty amazing! i watched the first session on saturday in portuguese and the
rest were all in english, i understood everything that was said, but it isnt the
same in another language, the real voices are so much more powerful! but what a
wonderful blessing it is to be able to hear the words of the prophet in our own
language! one of the people said that the book of mormon is now in 107
languages! how neat is that! and i felt pretty cool when he said how many
missionaries were serving in the field, 55,410! and i am one of them! pretty
awesome! i cant wait till the talks comeout in the liahona so i can read them
all again! there were a lot of talks that made me think about the investigators
that we are teaching at the moment and i want to read them again so i can help
them better.
so brazil has another thing besides guaraná that is pretty much AWESOME!
it is called açai, it is a fruit that they have here that they make into a
juice and a icecream type of thing. but it is pretty good! we went and ate in
in between conferences on saturday.
this past week president pinho came and interviewed us at our houses! the
house was a pretty good mess when i got there, so we spent some time cleaning
the house to get it ready for president, but it is all clean now and i am
this week is going to be a pretty good week! we are working really hard to
find more people and to help people to baptism! and today we are going to make
tacos for lunch! yum!
i have been missing rootbeer a lot lately, and real hamburgers... but i
will have to continue to make that sacrifice a little bit longer... hahha
always remember to read the book of mormon! it is a GREAT book! i know
that it is true and that it is the word of God. i love you all so much! HAPPY
and happy birthday dallin!
Elder Knudson

Monday, March 26, 2012

26 de março de 2012

hello again!
this week has been pretty good and pretty busy! so last week i got
transfered from my old area in Jardim Campinas to Vista Alegre, the stake is
Embu. this is a pretty cool area but it is pretty much only hills... i thought
my other area was a lot, but it is nothing compared to here! but it is all good,
ill just get into really good shape! my new companion is Elder Lemes, he is a
really good missionary and he only has 2 months till he goes home! ha! but he is
still really focussed and we will work really well together! this week we marked
4 people for baptism, Lucas, Leninha, Jilvalda, and José Jackson. our ward meets
in the stake center and it is HUGE!!!!!!!! i guess they finished renewing the
building in december or january, so it is all brand new! but the members are
still getting used to the move of locations and the attendance is suffering a
little, but we'll work on that!
i am learning a lot in the scriptures and every time i read them i learn
something new! i am in alma 12 in portuguese now and it is awesome! alma 11
shows us what we can do when we are guided by the holy ghost! amuleque is a
great example, and the companionship of alma and amuleque is an example for
everyone! keep reading and you WILL see the difference in your life!
so i cant believe that you bought motorcycles!!!!!!!!! i feel like that
elder in the best 2 years that freaks out when he reads that his family bought a
boat. haha! but make sure you keep them all nice for me so i can have some fun
too when i get back!
so it sounds like dallins eagle project is coming along great! send me a
foto of the final product! hows trevors eagle project going? his bday is coming
up soon!
so how is seminary going? you know i kinda miss seminary... yeah i know
i love you all so much! i know that this is the place i am supposed to be
and i wouldnt change that for anything! it is such a blessing to be able to
teach so many peole about the restoration of the gospel! if you dont have a
strong testimony about Joseph Smith or if you have any doubt, pray and ask! i
know with all of my heart that God will answer your prayer! he live and he loves
us! and he listens and answers all of our prayers!
Elder Knudson

We were able to catch elder knudson
before he got off today and ask him a few questions with our emails going back
and forth! Alway a great day when that happens,
we miss our elder so much!! Here are the
emails below.

Elder:so how are things back home? did
you ride the motorcycles yet?Rebecca:Yes the kids went out for a quick ride
before it got dark saturday with dad, I stayed home.
Elder: haha! i want to ride! my
mode of transportation here is my 2 feet! it is good but sometimes it is
Rebecca: Where is your new comp from?Elder: i think he is
from Rio Grande do Sul, but i forgot at the moment, yeah, Rio Grande do Sul.
Rebecca: Oh so another native Brazilian, I bet that is good
for your language skills!
Elder: yup! it is good! it is cool because i dont really have
too many problems with portuguese now!
Rebecca: Do you have a new address? How close are you to the
temple in SP. I want your address so I can google where you are on google
Elder: my area is pretty close to the temple! i think 30 min
on the bus if the trafic is good. i dont remember the adress, but i think you
will be able to find Embu Das Artes, it is a really touristy area here, but it
isnt my area there, my area is Vista Alegre. no the adress it to the mission
office, so it wont change, but the adress to the house is obviously different.
ill get it for you for next week and you can look it up on google maps ok.
Rebecca: Make a new video journal with this comp so we can
see how well you speak in portegueese.
Elder: ill be sure we make a video. i keep wanting to write
in portuguese! haha!
Rebecca: We were wondering if it was getting hard for you to
write in english. I bet it is hard to talk in english now!
Elder: the little words like here and other little things
always come out in portuguese, but i have to fucus when i am
writingRebecca: We are hoping you can skype with us on mother day! is that
Elder: i would like to skype next time, so i will do my best
to get it all figured out! ok macie, como você está?
Rebecca: Macie and Daniel: We love you so much and miss you!
Have a great day!
Elder:gtg, i love you

Monday, March 19, 2012

19 de março 2012: TRANSFERS

hey familly
well i was transfered. i dont really know what to think about it
yet. im pretty excited but at the same time VERY nervous. i am going to miss
so many people here... saying goodbye is so hard. but i really will take all
of them with me in my heart. tonight we will have a little Familly night thing
so i can say bye to everyone and take pictures. the member that is sending
the pictures is Renato. he is pretty much awesome! he served a mission around
the same time as dad, back when it was memorized lessons. but he helps us out
so much in the work and last monday he took us to an indian reserve, it is like
litterally the lamanite village! it is so cool! but they are pretty modern
too, one of them had satalite tv! but it was really cool to go see! so the
pizza here is pretty good! and it is pretty much a missionary tradition and he
carried it over from the mission to his family too!for the transfers
everyone goes to the chapel by the mission office that is being transfered and
president tells you who will be your new companion and which area, so i dont
know where i will go yet... but it will be all good! i am excited to work in a
new area and meet new people, i think i am finally starting to figure out my
style of working and, they dont celebrate st patricks day here.
it came and went and i didnt even know... ha! but oh well, everyday is the same
anyway so i dont know what difference it would make. but i'll get back into all
the holidays in another year and 4 months (roughly).so this week was pretty
cool, we worked really hard and we taught a lot of people! but the highlight of
the week was yesterday! we were walking up a road and we saw Gustavo (the kid i
baptized) and Italo (other YM in the ward) visiting the other young men in the
ward! and they were doing it without any leader being with them or even asking
them to do it! and they said that they were going to do it every
sunday!!!!!!!! i almost cried! it was so cool to see!so it sounds like
dallins project is going good! keep it up and hopefully it doesnt rain too much
for you! i cant believe that in 2 weeks i will have been on the mission for
8 months... it is going by so fast! soon it will be a year! the work is
amazing! the people are amazing! and i cant believe the love that i have
developed for the people here. the hardest thing that we see is when someone
tells us that they dont want anything to do with God... it is hard to see people
lost in the ways of the world and not be able to do anything about it because of
their agency. but i am learning so much! the scriptures are amazing! i am in
alma 10 in portuguese! it is so cool to be able to understand another
language! the church is true! i have NO doubt! stay strong and always
remember who you are and what you stand for!!i love you
all!loveElder Knudson

Monday, March 12, 2012

12 de março de 2012

hey fam!!another week FLEW by! i feel like i was just here writing you!
but so much has happened this last week. so this is my last week in this area,
on the 20th i should be transfered from here. but this last week was pretty
good, but very difficult. so on tuesdays we do a ward family night at the
chapel and it has been going really good! this last week we watched a movie
called 17 miracles. it is AMAZING! if you havent watched it yet, watch it!
and keep the tissues ready! it is a story about he martin handcart company and
all of the stuff that they went through. on wednesday we had a meeting with an
area 70, Elder Carlos Godoy. he is funny! he was baptized when he was 16 years
old and was taught by the sister missionaries. but the miracle was that we
showed up ON TIME!! we left the house at 600 and we got there at 830. it was
the first time that we didnt have complications on the journey. but the meeting
was very spiritual and really neat! one of our baptisms fell through but we
did have one! his name is eduardo and is 11, he is really excited about the
church and said that he wants to serve a mission! and after i confirmed him a
member of the church, he gave everyone that was seated on the pulpit a hug! it
was pretty cool! hopefully he can help reactivate some of his family
members.this week was SUPER hot here in São Paulo! but then on saturday it
decided to rain, it seemed more like a hurricane with all the wind and the DOWN
POOR of rain! but it was cool! we also had a bolt of lighting strick like 30
feet away from us! it was pretty much awesome! i have never heard anything so
loud before! but it was cool!yes we do have daylight savings here, but we
moved back an hour! so it was really nice for us! so that means that we are
only 4 hours apart now instead of 6 hours.oh, so last night we were teaching
some of our investigators, a couple that lives together but isnt married (one of
the most normal things here), but ozvaldo had an awesome question! he was
confused why he needed to be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost when he was
already feel the guidance of the spirit. he didnt see what difference it would
make. and with much help from the Holy Ghost i was able to explain about the
Light of Christ and the differences there are between the 2. and how the light
of Christ is preparatory for the holy ghost. it was super spiritual and super
neat!i love you all so much!have a great weekloveElder

5 de

hello FAM!this week was SO amazing! the last 3 weeks before this one were
SO hard! truely the lord was testing us! but this week we met almost all of
our goals! it was amazing! and, saturday marked 7 months on the mission! i
cant believe it! it is going by so fast!so i dont know where to start... so
this saturday on the 10 we will have 2 baptisms! we are pretty excited and all
of the elders in the zone will baptize together! it is going to be a giant
baptismal service! so last week started out really hard. but we kept going
and on wed we taught 6 lessons and then on thursday we taught 9 lessons! it was
great! we worked really hard this week and you could tell because every night
we arrived at home and planned for the next day we pretty hit the bed already
asleep! but we also found 12 new investigators this week! this really was a
week of miracles! also! i am seeing that the members here in the ward really
like us! on wed night we had a member that bought pizza for us, and on thurs
night we had pizza again, then on fri night we had a churrasco! brazilian bbq
is REALLY good! but the work goes a lot easier when the members help! and we
are always with filled bellies! on wednesday we have a meeting with a area
70, elder godoy i think, but it will be awesome! it is so cool to be taught
right from the leaders of the church! so this week i finished mosiah in
portuguese! i was pretty excited! mosiah has so many amazing lessons for us to
learn! and i am already learning a ton from alma! the scriptures really come
alive for us when we truely study! and the examples that we have are absolutely
amazing! so it sounds like everyone bck home is so busy! i miss all of the
kids in the school! tell everyone that i said hi! and i am working on the
pictures still, but dont worry, they will be there sooner than you think!so
i will be here in this area for 2 more weeks then it is on to the next area! i
dont want to leave this area bt i think i am ready for a change of scenary. but
i will definately miss everyone here! i love you all! tell everyone that
they are free to write me letters whenever they want!love Elder

27 de fevereiro de 2012

hello again!this week went by very fast. i am starting to think that that
is just how it is going to be. the time goes by so fast i dont know what to do
with myself sometimes. ths week on the 3rd will mark 7 months on the
mission! i cant believe that i have actually been here for that long! i still
feel like i have SO much to do here in Brazil and i am still working to find
what most of that stuff is. this week was pretty hard for us. we are having a
really hard time finding new people to teach, but hopefully this next week
everything goes good and we can teach a lot of people! we are working with a
couple to help them get married so they can be baptized! it is pretty funny how
it all happened! we taught them the law of chastity about 2 weeks ago and they
said that they wanted to get married in like 6 months... then the next visit we
had with them they had found out that she had gotten pregnant and they wanted to
get married "yesterday"! but then on the next visit she was talking about all
of the normal girl's dream to have a fancy wedding and that they would have to
wait intill june... so we talked about the blessings that come from keeping the
commandments and encouraged her to talk to her "husband". then yesterday we
were talking with him in the garage before the visit and he was talking about
how they were going to wait to get married to be able to plan everything, and
then she came down and said, "i want to get married really fast" and he made a
face like, "what... didnt we talk about this?" it was pretty funny! and elder
petersen and i were pretty happy! i think we are going to take them on saturday
to mark a marriage date. also yesterday, gustavo came with us for a few visits
at the end of the day! it is so cool the effect that the gospel has on people!
he talks all the time about going on a mission and he already bought a Preach My
Gospel! it is so cool!other than that not too many cool stories. carnaval
here wasnt that bad, we are far enough away from the center of the city where
you dont see all the crazy drunk people. but my companion was telling me that
there is a street call avenida paulista, where if you see a girl and you want to
kiss her, you can just grab her and give her one... but luckily in our area it
was problem free!so the story about the rat was pretty exciting! go
sophie! did you give her a dog treat?so i have 3 more weeks in this area
then i am off to the next adventure here in brazil, i dont quite know what to
think of it yet. i want to stay here, but at the same time i am excited for
something new! i have been in this area for almost 6 months now! wow... but i
have made so many neat friends and it will be hard to leave. i am able to
say almost anything that i want now in portuguese! it still comes out a little
rough sometimes but it is so cool to look back and remember when i got here
andhow i talked then and where i am at now!i love you all so much! dont
forget to share the gospel with EVERYONE!love Elder Knudson

20 de fevereiro de 2012

hey fam!!!!!i cant believe another week has come and gone! so much is going
on and i am loving it here! wed we went to the temple! it was ablsolutely
amazing, but like always, getting there was a NIGHTMARE!!!! we left our house
at 7am to be able to get to the temple at 9. our session started at 1030. but
because of the transit we got to the temple at 1010... luckily we made it JUST
in time! it is crazy how hard it is to travel to the center of São Paulo! i am
SO glad that i live in a little city and that i have a car! hehe! but the
temple was amazing! it was exactly what i was needing! but afterwards we went
to the temple we wanted to go to a churrascaria (brazilian bbq place) and we
decide to go to this one down the road from the temple called Búfalo Branco. in
the fron it said that it would be 35, so we dicided why not. but when we got
inside we asked how much it costs and he said that the part that we wanted was
really 47! too much for our missionary budget... and as we were leaving i said
to elder petersen, they must serve the WHOLE buffalo, huh? he thought that that
was pretty funny! but we ended up going to a smaller one that was a lot cheaper
but still VERY good!i cant believe that i am going to leave this area... i
have been here almost 6 months and you would think that i'd want to leave, but i
dont want to leave... there are so many cool people here that i have gotten to
know. but it is pretty much for sure that i will be transfered from here in 4
more weeks... the time will go by SO fast! but in a way it is good to know that
i will be leaving because i will have enough time to say bye to everyone and get
everyones addresses! i bought a little folder today to put eveyones addresses
and stuff in so i can keep in contact with did you guys send me
my priesthood line of authority with my package that you sent? i really would
like to have that here with me. do you know if Dylan is getting my emails or
anything? if not, can you make sure that he is please! so lately i have
recently finished the part in the book of mormon where abinadi is talking to the
king noah and is killed. he says and teaches some very powerful stuff that we
can deffinately apply to our lives! the best example that he leaves for us is
the willingness that he had to die for the things that he believed in! we all
need to have that kind of a testimony, where we are willing to die to defend the
church and what it stands for! i am still working on that in my life too, but i
know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth! i know that
the Book of Mormon in true and that it is the word of God.stay strong! i
love you all! and thank you for giving Adria that hug for me! Love
Elder Knudson

Thursday, February 16, 2012

13 de fevereiro de 2012

Olá Família!
mais uma semana veio e foi! i cant believe how fast the time is going by! the month of feb is already half over! this week was a pretty rough one for us. recently we are having a hard time finding new investigators, and so this week we knocked a LOT of doors, with little results as of yet... but that is just how it goes sometimes, you have to put in the work and then the blessings come, like in Ether 12:6, we only recieve the witness that we want (or results) until AFTER the trial of our faith! i am learning so much every day! my love for the scriptures is getting stronger every time i open them! it is pretty funny/cool when my companion will say something and i can remember exactly where it is in the scriptures! the promise is real that says if we treasure up the words of life, the Holy Ghost will put into our minds the things that we need to say! i am LOVING speaking portuguese with the people here! it is so cool to be able to speak a language so different from your own! so i dont know if i told you about Juan yet, he is Gustavo's little brother that is 10 years old. we started teaching him about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and when we gave him the Book of Mormon he opened up to the pictures in the front and looked at the one where Alma is baptizing all the people at the waters of mormon, and he said "oh, this is the baptisms in the waters of mormon right?" Elder Petersen and i we pretty shocked that he knew that! and he said that his Grandma had a book of mormon at some point. he has a baptism date for the 25 of Feb! but yesterday, Gustavo was passing the sacrament!!! it was so cool to see! it is amazing that in a month and a half he went from the normal teenager to passing the sacrament! i cant wait to hear all about his mission someday!!
oh, did you know that they can go on missions here when they are 18?
the work is moving along, we are finally recovering from our sicknesses and we are determined to pass this little bump in the road that we are at with new investigators!
so tomorrow is Valentines day and no they do not have that holiday here, at least at the same time, elder petersen was saying something about it being later in the year but he cant remamber when it is. But someone should make sure and give Adria a hug for me!
so they have quite a few holidays here that we dont have there, but no one really knows the reason for them, i imagine they are kind of like Cezar Chavez day or something like that. but carnaval is next weekend and i am not really looking forward to it, but hopefully President puts up a few restrictions for those few days, but we'll see!
yes it is still raining here like CRAZY! it is so strange! because it is like a hot rain sometimes, like you would think that is would cool everything down when it rains but it doesnt, it is just wet. hehe! i think soon i am going to need to buy a new umbrella! mine is holding up pretty well, but id like a bigger one.
so guess what! Wed we get to go to the temple!!!!! YAY! i am so excited! i need a visit to the temple really bad! so today isnt really our pday, we only get to email today, but our pday was moved to wed because of the temple trip.
i love you all so much! i think about you all the time! you guys might want to learn portuguese while i am gone so you will be able to understand me when i get back!
Elder Knudson

Monday, February 6, 2012

6 de fevereiro de 2012

ola família!
this week went by really fast! on monday and tuesday my companion got sick with the flu and because he has asthma he could hardly breath too so he was in no condition to work, so i got to read and rest a lot. on wed we worked normal and then on thursday i woke up sick... but i have been taking medicine and i am able to work through it. but right now i have like no voice so it is pretty funny! it is really hard in the heat here, this week has been really really hot, and when you have a big lunch it is hard to stay awake! but it is all good because this week we had the baptism of GUSTAVO! it was absolutely amazing! elder petersen baptized him and i got to confirm him a member! and yesterday he got up to bear his TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!!!! it was so amazing and very strong, everyone in the ward said they could feel the strength of his testimony! the cool thing is that we found him knock doors EXACTLY one month before his baptism! he is truely living proof that if we put the lords works to the test, he truely will keep his promises! and gustavo found that out because everything that we asked him to do he did and he got an answer REALLY fast! the church is true! and when we have a testimony of the gospel and the plan of salvation we have hope for the future that seems so scary without the answers that we have with the gospel.
on friday, elder petersen and i hit the 6 month mark! we burned a tie to celebrate! and today we went to a restaraunt to eat too, it was good and i felt like i was back in the US. i cant believe that i have already gone through 1/4 of my mission... it is going by SO fast!
so we had transfers this week, and i ALMOST got transfered! when we had interviews with pres we talked to him about me staying here in the ward for one more transfer and he said i could. but yesterday i got a call and he said that i was transfered so i asked about what president said and he (the secretary) said he'd look into it. but he said that i should plan like i was transfered. so i began to tell everyone i was leaving. then at about 6 or 7 i got a call saying that i wasnt tranfered! yay! so i get to stay 6 more weeks here! and with that i will be here 6 months! wow how the time flies!
well i think thats all. i love you all so much!
Elder Knudson

30 de janeiro de 2012

hello again!
this week was a pretty awesome week!!!!!!!!!!! i don~t know where to start! ok well on tuesday guess who we got to meet! Elder M. Russel BALLARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was SO amazing! but the journey there was pretty much a nightmare! we were headed there and the power on the train went out... so we had to try and find a bus to the chapel and it wasnt easy. we wound up getting lost in the middle of São Paulo! and we got to the meeting late, BUT we were right on time for Elder Ballards talk! so all in all it was a pretty good day! so now, update on our Golden Investigator Gustavo. we taught him again this past week and we moved his baptismal date up one week, so now he will be baptized on saturday the 4th! but the coolest part was that at the end of the lesson he made a comment on how he is greatful that there are people like us to help others learn about the truth and we said that he could serve a mission too. and then he said that he was already planning on that!!!!!!!! when we left the house we felt like we were flying!!!
the keyboard i am using is really hard to type with... so sorry if there are a bunch of errors.

so the 6 month mark is aproaching quickly! i cant believe that it has already been 6 months since i left home! and it feels weird that i have been in this area for 4 1/2 months too! but this is a great area and we are working really hard to help the ward get back its foundation. the word has finally gotten out that our ward is in critical situation, on sunday we had the stake president, one of his counselors and 4 members of the high counsel! so there is action going on here! i am hoping that we can get everything back running smoothly again and that we can get the frequency back up to 200 again! lots of work to do!

so mom is going to see the price is right tomorrow? that is pretty cool! let me know if you win anything! that is pretty exciting! are you going to wear a really bright shirt so everyone can see you on the tv? but i have to admit, i think meeting one of the 12 apostles takes the cake! hehe! but be sure to tell me all about it!

it is finally sunny again! it has been a week since i have seen the sun! it rains SO much here! it is incredible! but i like it, but i think i will need to buy a bigger umbrella soon! hehe! my little walmart one isnt cutting it sometimes. a lot of the time it only covers my head and shoulders! the rain is nice though.

well i think that that is all for this week. i love you all! and keep reading the scriptures!
Elder Knudson

23 de janeiro de 2012

hey family!
so the pictures and stuff got there super fast!!!!!! i sent them like 2 weeks ago i think. this week was a pretty cool week, but very wet... the rainy season has arrived! so we have an investigator named Gustavo, he is so amazing! we found him knocking doors and we have visited him 3 times and he told us that he knows that the church is true! he went to church with us on sunday and he absolutely loved it! he is preparing to be baptised on the 11th on feb! the cool thing about all of this is that we had a fast 2 days before we found him! my testimony is growing every day! the lord is just waiting to give us the blessings that we need, but he is just waiting for us to act! as it says in james 2, faith without works is dead! we have to show our faith by our works and then then little things that we do turn into great miracles!
so the pizza here is pretty amazing! but it is a little different too. they normally dont have pizza sauce but they make up for it with the stuff they put on it. and yes, normally i eat pepporoni or muzzarella with bacon. and the coolest part of the pizza is that they do chocolate stuffed crust!! it sounds weird but it is so good!!!!!! the food here really isn~t that different, normally rice and beans and meat and pasta. but i eat tomatoes and cucumbers and other stuff like that pretty regularly, and i am liking them so that is good!
i am glad that trevor liked the shirt, when i saw it i knew that that was what i needed to get him. and a lot of the pictures that i took of the city are from the training center, it is like a 5th story window, it was pretty cool! i will work on getting some pictures of the area and stuff like that, it is a little harder because we have to avoid looking like a tourist here.
i am pretty sure that i will be in this area for one more transfer after this one, we talk to president and he said that he'd make it happen. so i will be in this area for 6 months! i cant believe that 6 months have already come and gone! the time is FLYING! i am really starting to get comfortable speaking portuguese now! i am working on knocking down all of the mental barriers that i have had that were holding me back.
i can feel my testimony growing so much every day! but the thing that has help so much is the foundation that i got in seminary. seminary is there to get us through high school in one piece and to give us the spiritual foundation to build on for the rest of our lives, and using a scripture mastery, Helaman 5:12 build your foundation on the rock of our redeemer. seminary gave me a firm foundation that i build on every day! when we get used to looking for "missionary moments" every day in our everyday lives, the spiritual experiences that we have on the mission open our eyes to the wonders of the gospel and the blessings that are available in the eternities!
i love you all!
have a great week!
Elder Knudson
2 Nefi 27:23

Monday, January 16, 2012

15 de janeiro de 2012

hello again!
another week has come and gone and another week closer to 6 months on the mission! the time is going by so fast! i am really enjoying the life as a missionary and i have reached the point where i dont really want it to end. this week was pretty good for us and we had some pretty cool experiences! so a couple of weeks ago we found a 16 kid named Gustavo, and we marked a visit with him for tues, but he ended up not being at home. so we went back on thurs and we found him at home! we explained about the gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism. and at the end of the lesson we set a goal for the 11th of feb with him! then as we were leaving he said that he was greatful that there were people like us to help people learn about the truth and that he is going to search out the truth with us and that he is going to ask Heavenly Father if the things were are saying are true! elder petersen and i were so excited leaving his house!! we couldnt believe what had just happened, but this experience shows that there are people prepared to recieve the fulness of the gospel, we just have to find them. and satan tries to keep us from opening our mouths and talking about the gospel to our friends and family because he knows that if we dont even open our mouths we will never know when someone is ready. OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE! i know that this is the Lord's work and that we are here to serve Him. i am continually learning about our responsibilities as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, listen to the sacrament prayers, and listen for the things we are covenanting to do and then, think of how you can really show that you are fulfilling that covenant! i know that as we continually strive to keep our covenants of baptism and the temple we will be blessed. i promise that as you seek out ways to help those around you learn more about the gospel, our own live will be better, our testimonies will be strengthened and we will have the joy to see our friends and family join the gospel!
today we had a zone activity and it was pretty sweet! we had a bbq and we played capture the flag! and i also got some pretty SWEET pic! oh, i don~t remember if i said last week, but i sent my card and trevors Christmas present last week, so it is on its way!
the language is going great! i can understand almost everything that people are saying! sometimes it is still hard when the people talk REALLY fast, but it is getting better! i am so greatful for my blessings and for the oportunity that i have to learn portuguese! i am really excited to come home and be able to talk to everyone that i can in portuguese so you better tell bro Hodnet to freshen up on his portuguese!
i love you all and thank you for the prayers and all the emails!
Elder Knudson

Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 de janeiro de 2012

hello family!!!!!!!!!!!!
this was a pretty good week! nothing extremely exciting happened but it was a good week of work. there is always those little miracles that happen every day that there really is no way to describe. but one experience was pretty cool this week that demonstrates blessings that come from willingness to serve, we were walking and it started to rain, really hard (those of you who have served or lived here know how it is), and there was a vw bug stopped on the side of the road and me and my companion asked if they needed a push to get the car going, he said no, just a part that takes a little to get going. so we continued to walk down the road. then when he got the car going he pulled up to us and asked if we would like a ride. of coarse we accepted! it is amazing how fast the blessing come when we are willing to follow the Lords commandments to serve our fellow man! so the challenge for the week is just that, seek out someone, anyone, that you can give an act of service. and afterwards pay atention to how you feel. remember that the Savior said, when you are in the service of you fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God. the Lord will use you to bless the lives of His children when we are simply WILLING to give loving service to others.
daniel got baptized! woo hoo!! so daniel you need to write me and tell me all about it, how you felt and what was your favorite part! and dont forget to write down how the baptism was in a journal! i still have my journal from my baptism when i wrote in it and it is really cool to remember how it was! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
so how was the winter break for everyone? missionaries dont have holidays or breaks! but thats ok, it will just be that much nicer when i come home!
so on thursday this week we had a really hard time, it is what we call on the mission "the day of NO" which simply means that every appointment fell through. and that is exactly what happend, we taught 1 lesson in the whole day. it just goes to show that we need to have our difficult times to show our faith, because if it was always easy then it wouldnt really be nessissary to show owr faith. the trials that we have in our lives are to show that we trust in the lord, even when it isnt goiing too good.
so mom i had a thought this week that you should teach about the restoration in seminary. we learn in Preach My Gospel that we should teach this to the members to help them remember the feelings that they had when they became converted to the gospel. i know that there are probably some kids that dont have a very strong testimony about the restoration or maybe dont even really know how it happened. and i am sure that it will help too! maybe you could invite the missionaries in the ward to come and teach it to them for you!! that would be so great!
so i got an email frrom the elmers this week about a spiritual experience that she had! it was really cool! but im still waiting for the rest of you! your all back in school now so it should be pretty easy now!
i love you all!
Elder Knudson

Monday, January 2, 2012

2 de janeiro de 2!0!1!2!

hey family!
i felt really special when i got on the computer today! i had 18 emails!!! wow! thank you everyone for the emails and the love! so, it sounds like you guys had a pretty good christmas! hehe! (its ok macie, you can laugh) adam felt a little left out there for a little huh? the pictures were great! i loved it! i missed being home for christmas but the work must be done! but it was good here too, new years was absolutly crazy, t here was a lot of drunk people on the streets. it was weird having to be at the house at 5 in the afternoon. we had hot dogs and chips and 7 liters of soda! woo hoo! but we havent drinken them all yet! we played uno for almost 2 hours and then the craziness happened, we didnt get to sleep till almost 2 in the morning, its weird to think that that was only 8 oclock there! but it was fun!
the work is moving along, this week was a little sad and the at tendance at church was much less than good... but everyone here goes to the beach on new years, so hopefully everyone is back on sunday! i am starting to understand more about the love that Christ has for us and the agony that he feels when we are doing self destructive behavior. the feels of love that He has for us is more than we can comprehend, but when our only focus is others, we are able to understand a little better that love.
we are seeing many many blessings in the work, this week was really hard to find people in their house, but right now we have 10 people marked for baptism for the month of january. so we have a lot of work ahead of us to help these people enter the waters of baptism! but i am excited to start the new year and devote all of 2012 in the service of my Savior!
this week was pretty cool! we visited a budhist temple! it was SO cool! i took a lot of pictures and i am working on sending it asap! we couldnt take pictures inside but it was pretty sweet! i felt like i was in Kung Fu Panda! hahahahaha! it was pretty sweet!
i love you all!
so all you kids with NEW ipods that can send email! send me some of you missionary experiences that you have during the week, try to talk about a scripture that you read recently with you friends, introduce the Book of Mormon to someone! and then i want to hear about it!
Elder Knudson