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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


hello again! this week seems to have flown by so fast i hardly remember what happened! well Brasil is pretty amazing! i was pretty nervous at first but being here is so much fun! the brasillian missionaries that come in are some of the neatest people! they love to come and test out their english with us american misionaries! but i am working hard to try and talk to them more in portuguese, i am slowly progressing with the language. it is still hard and it is so much hard work, but today we were in the temole and i heard some elders that had been out for 13 or so months and they sounded awesome! i can~t wait ttill i can speak like a native! so here at th CTM there are about 250 or so missionaries and maybe 30 or 40 of them are american... the visas are so backed up right now its insane... please pray for those elders still waiting for their visas.
so on p-day here we get to walk around the town and buy stuff, go to the post office to send letters and just be in the town! it is so much fun, but it is pretty comical how i don~t know anything that is going on around me because everyone is talking in portuguese!
this week i started Alma and i was readying through chapter 32 i think sat (idk, that days are all mushed together) but it is an amazing chapter about faith! my teachers here are amazing! Irmão Israel and Irmã Cordoso, but yesterday was Irmã Cordoso~s last day here so tomorrow we will have a new teacher. so as of today, i have 3 weeks till i finish here at the CTM! CRAZY!!!!! the weeks are flying by so fast! so we teach fake investigators throughout the week to practice teaching the lessons and to help our protuguese, but on saturdays they bring in members from local wards and they volunteer to be ´´Investigator´´ its pretty fun! one time we were teaching a family of 5 and they had a little girl who was probably 8 i think, but it was hillarious because every once in a while she would correct our portuguese! hahaha! and i could tell she was trying not to laugh the whole time while we were teaching cause i~m sure we sounded super funny! imagine persons try to teach you and sound like should be preshcool (or like that) but i think we are getting better with the grammer and our sentance stucture! it is so neat to hear someone talk and understand what they are saying!! the Lord is blessing us immensly! there is no way this work would progress without him!
i am running out of stories to tell because everyday is so similar to the last right now, but it will get better when i am out in the field! the one bad thing about being here is that they don~t want us to take our cameras out of the CTM, not even when we go to the temple... but i guess they do that so the people around here don~t think that missionaries are here to be tourists, cause the people around here see a lot of missiionaries!
well my time is almost up for email... i can~t print here so i have to read the emails i have first and then write, but thats ok.
i love you all so much! the church is true! Joseph Smith truely was called of God to restore this church! please do not hesitate to share this great blessing with anyone that you come into contact with!
Elder Knudson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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