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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 8

hello everyone!! thank you so much for all the letters! i got them on saturday and it was great! this is the beggining of my last week in the Missionary training Center! i~m not quite so sure how i feel about it yet but i am so very excited! we leave on tuesday the 4th and then we are in the real world! this week has been absolutely amazing!!! i don't know how i~m going to write everything... but yesterday was an amazing experience! yesterday after almoço we went out and gave copies of The Book of Mormon (O Livro de Mórmon) to people! REAL people! we were so nervous when we started! but the funniest thing happened! ok so the first lady we tried to talk to really didn~t want to talk to us, but then we started talking to this man that had just walked out of a bank, and we said hi and everything and got started in portuguese, and he started speaking ENGLISH! i couldn~t figure out what he was saying for like the first 5 seconds until i realized he was speaking in english! but he said he had a coworker that is a member of the church and we gave him a book of mormon and he said he would call the missionaries to talk to him about it! the whole afternoon went amazing! each of us had 2 book, so 6 in all in our companionship (me, Elder Nielson, Elder Healy). we talked to so many people and the cool thing was that i could understand them, more or less, but it was amazing! i think we had 4ish people ask how long we had been in Brasil and they were all pretty shocked to hear that it was only 8 weeks! when i think about it i am pretty shocked too! 8 weeks! it feels like 8 days! i know that the Lord is helping us along the way and that we need him so much! we talked to a few people that were really interested in the church and about Jesus Christ because they didn~t know too much about Him. it felt amazing to share the gospel with people and get a little taste of how it will be in another week! so on monday, we go to downtown São Paulo and we get to do it all again! but it is pretty much in the heart of the city! i can~t wait!
so mom, i haven~t gotten a haircut in 9 weeks now! but don~t worry i am getting one tomorrow! my hair is driving me crazy! i would´ve done it myself but they don´t want us to do it ourselves while we are in the ctm.
the book of mormon is so amazing! i have never read through it so fast before! i am already into helaman! i have the hardest time putting it down sometimes! the scriptures that stick out to me this week are about moroni, where is says that if all men were like moroni, the powers of hell would have no power over the world. we need to follow his example, and be someone that people will talk about for years after we are gone because of how valiant we are!
the church is true! our heavenly father is always with us just waiting for us to ask for his help! Do not ever forget to pray and ask for his help! i am so very greatful for the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life! it helps me so much each and every day! thank you so much for all the prayers! I love you all so very much!
O evangelho de Jesus Cristo pode ajudar nossas vidas! eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive!
Elder Knudson

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