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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leaving the MTC for the field

Today Elder Knudson left the MTC for the field.

He left the MTC early so he didn't get to email this week so they let him CALL!! I was at work around 10 am and received a call that I didn't recognize and wondered if it was a salesman. I just watched my phone for a while then I thought what if it's BRADEN! I answered it just in time!

He said "hi" and I knew it was him, he sounds the same. He said "It's Elder Knudson!" He said he left the MTC at 7 and got to the mission home around 8am. He said Sao Paulo is a HUGE city (the 5th largest in the world) and the traffic was bad!

He got to the mission home and had an interview with the president and got fed etc... but he didn't have his assignment of where he will be going yet or who his companion will be when he called so I guess we will wait till next week to hear all that news.

He was able to watch general conference in the MTC on Saturday & Sunday at 1pm and 5pm. They watched a recording of the priesthood session on Sunday morning. He loved it so much!!

"He couldn't talk long but he said to tell everyone he loves you and thank you for the letter and prayers! He is excited to get out and get to work!"

Mom shed a few tears upon hanging up! I can't believe how blessed I am! Thanks from us also for all your love and support for Braden & us! He did receive an email that of the other 9 elders that started in Provo with him only one has gotten his visa, the other 8 are headed to different mission's in the US to work and wait their visa. Please pray for the back log of visa's to be cleared up soon! Braden was concerned about this!

Until next week,

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