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Monday, October 31, 2011

Elder Knudson Week 12

hello family!
essa semana foi ótimo! nós tivemos um batismo sábado! ok, this week was great! but it was so very busy! there really is no such thing as "rest" when you are a missionary! but satuday we had a baptism, and i got to baptize him! it ws so cool! i was pretty nervous to be doing it in portuguese but all went well! His name is Marcos, he is amazing! he has a very strong testimony of the gospel and i think he will end up being the bishop sometime! the language is comeing, slowly but surely. it is so hard and frustrating sometimes to want to be able to say something and not be able to... but i am working at it. right now we are having difficulties getting our investigators to come to church... it is hard because our area is very big and most people don~t have cars, so they either have to take the bus, or walk. so it can be a difficulty. we walk SO much here! by the time p-day comes around my knees NEED the break! but its all good, i~m getting more and more used to it as we go. and i am beginning to know where things are in our area. it is very hard because the streets have absolutely no organization to them and the house numbers are just random, so if you want number 4, sure go ahead, and if your neihbor wants 222, sure go ahead. it makes things difficult. in our area it is just us, we cover 1 ward. it is similar to our ward, how marysville ward is marysville, linda, edgewater, d 10... its similar to that.
i got both the package and the letter this week! the letter tuesday and the package friday! thank you so very much! my companion was pretty excited about the candy! hehe! but there weren~t any skittles.... what happened? heheh! but it was very cool to get all those letters from the primary! some of them i had a hard time figuring out what was said, but it was great!
so this week we had inerviews with the mission president and also a meeting for the new misisonaries. president pinho is awesome and has a huge vision for the misisonary work here! and in the meeting for the new misisonaries i saw 4 other missionaries from my district in provo! it was so great to be able to see them again! there is only 3 missionaries from my district there that are coming to this mission that still need their visas. hopefully they get them soon!
this area is great! supposedly everyone wants to come to this area! there is always people to teach and lots of people ready for batism! but it has its difficulties too, but i love it!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! i forgot to write it last week i think... but oh well! so how do you like it? do you feel different?
so trevor got a job at primetime? that~s awesome? why didn~t he do that while i was there? i miss primetime! the breadsticks are so good!
thank you so much for the support and the prayers!
don~t forget to share the gospel with everyone! FALE COM TODO MUNDO!
Elder Knudson

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