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Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 de janeiro de 2012

hello family!!!!!!!!!!!!
this was a pretty good week! nothing extremely exciting happened but it was a good week of work. there is always those little miracles that happen every day that there really is no way to describe. but one experience was pretty cool this week that demonstrates blessings that come from willingness to serve, we were walking and it started to rain, really hard (those of you who have served or lived here know how it is), and there was a vw bug stopped on the side of the road and me and my companion asked if they needed a push to get the car going, he said no, just a part that takes a little to get going. so we continued to walk down the road. then when he got the car going he pulled up to us and asked if we would like a ride. of coarse we accepted! it is amazing how fast the blessing come when we are willing to follow the Lords commandments to serve our fellow man! so the challenge for the week is just that, seek out someone, anyone, that you can give an act of service. and afterwards pay atention to how you feel. remember that the Savior said, when you are in the service of you fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God. the Lord will use you to bless the lives of His children when we are simply WILLING to give loving service to others.
daniel got baptized! woo hoo!! so daniel you need to write me and tell me all about it, how you felt and what was your favorite part! and dont forget to write down how the baptism was in a journal! i still have my journal from my baptism when i wrote in it and it is really cool to remember how it was! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
so how was the winter break for everyone? missionaries dont have holidays or breaks! but thats ok, it will just be that much nicer when i come home!
so on thursday this week we had a really hard time, it is what we call on the mission "the day of NO" which simply means that every appointment fell through. and that is exactly what happend, we taught 1 lesson in the whole day. it just goes to show that we need to have our difficult times to show our faith, because if it was always easy then it wouldnt really be nessissary to show owr faith. the trials that we have in our lives are to show that we trust in the lord, even when it isnt goiing too good.
so mom i had a thought this week that you should teach about the restoration in seminary. we learn in Preach My Gospel that we should teach this to the members to help them remember the feelings that they had when they became converted to the gospel. i know that there are probably some kids that dont have a very strong testimony about the restoration or maybe dont even really know how it happened. and i am sure that it will help too! maybe you could invite the missionaries in the ward to come and teach it to them for you!! that would be so great!
so i got an email frrom the elmers this week about a spiritual experience that she had! it was really cool! but im still waiting for the rest of you! your all back in school now so it should be pretty easy now!
i love you all!
Elder Knudson

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  1. Elder Braden I enjoyed your letter. It reminds me of Sherri Dews book called "If It Was Easy It Wouldn't Be Hard" meaning that we need to have the hard times to help us grow spiritually. We need it tough to refine and polish this lump of coal into a beautiful diamond. I am enjoying your letters so much. Keep them coming. Love you, Grandma Eves