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Monday, January 2, 2012

2 de janeiro de 2!0!1!2!

hey family!
i felt really special when i got on the computer today! i had 18 emails!!! wow! thank you everyone for the emails and the love! so, it sounds like you guys had a pretty good christmas! hehe! (its ok macie, you can laugh) adam felt a little left out there for a little huh? the pictures were great! i loved it! i missed being home for christmas but the work must be done! but it was good here too, new years was absolutly crazy, t here was a lot of drunk people on the streets. it was weird having to be at the house at 5 in the afternoon. we had hot dogs and chips and 7 liters of soda! woo hoo! but we havent drinken them all yet! we played uno for almost 2 hours and then the craziness happened, we didnt get to sleep till almost 2 in the morning, its weird to think that that was only 8 oclock there! but it was fun!
the work is moving along, this week was a little sad and the at tendance at church was much less than good... but everyone here goes to the beach on new years, so hopefully everyone is back on sunday! i am starting to understand more about the love that Christ has for us and the agony that he feels when we are doing self destructive behavior. the feels of love that He has for us is more than we can comprehend, but when our only focus is others, we are able to understand a little better that love.
we are seeing many many blessings in the work, this week was really hard to find people in their house, but right now we have 10 people marked for baptism for the month of january. so we have a lot of work ahead of us to help these people enter the waters of baptism! but i am excited to start the new year and devote all of 2012 in the service of my Savior!
this week was pretty cool! we visited a budhist temple! it was SO cool! i took a lot of pictures and i am working on sending it asap! we couldnt take pictures inside but it was pretty sweet! i felt like i was in Kung Fu Panda! hahahahaha! it was pretty sweet!
i love you all!
so all you kids with NEW ipods that can send email! send me some of you missionary experiences that you have during the week, try to talk about a scripture that you read recently with you friends, introduce the Book of Mormon to someone! and then i want to hear about it!
Elder Knudson

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