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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

26 de dezembro de 2011 (último e-mail do ano!)

hey everyone! i feel like i just talked to you all! oh wait, i did! HA HA HA (happy macie (; )
so how is everything going? how was everyones Natal? it was just starting when i talked to you! and mine was just ending. it is so weird that there is a 6 hour difference between us! so everyone needs to write me and tell me what they got!
i got a lot of candy and i can~t wait to eat it alll! we were going to go fishing today, but it rained so that didn~t happen... good wether fishers i guess! but only when we are fishing for REAL fish! so my new companion is Elder Petersen. he is really neat and is a great missionary! the funny thing is that we have the exact same time on the mission! we both started on the 3 or august. he was born in utah, but when he was about 1 and a half him and his family move to brazil. and they lived here till he was about 15. so to say the least he knows how to speak portuguese pretty good! so this is why i didn~t see him in the CTM because he only stayed there for 3 weeks. but we are getting along really well! i am still trying to improve everyday with portuguese and being the best missionary possible. i think i need to learn to not be embarrassed about my language skills... but it is hard. i really want to be able to talk perfectly but i need to have patients, and i have to make a few mistakes to get there. just like sports i guess!
so this morning we did a deep clean of our house! it took us about 2 and a half hours and in total we killed (murdered) 4 cockroaches, 6 spiders, and some weird centipide looking thing that my companion said was pretty dangerous. so our morning was pretty eventful! haha! but mom you would be so proud of how the house looks now! haha! the problem is that other missionaries think that they will only be there for a little and that it is not that important to clean the house, but when the floor is not mopped for more that 7 months it gets pretty bad... so the house is looking great, the floor is back to the normal color and we call feel the nice clean air!
so it is about time to get back to work, we haven~t done anything for like 2 days now with christmas and now p-day. but hey its all good!
it was pretty neat in church on sunday, we got to give a talk, we blessed the sacrament, and we helped sing in the chior (don~t know how to spell) coral in portuguese!
thank you for the emails Adria! ( so you know that i am getting them!)
christmas here was a little weird to be honest, it is so different! it was hot, away from home, fireworks, just different! hehe! but we got an email this week saying that on the 31 we have to be in the house at 5 o'clock for safety, i guess it gets pretty crazy here on new years! haha!
I LOVE YOU ALL! and have a happy new year! the next time i write to you it will be 2012! so crazy! (i wonder what it will be like here on 12-12-12)
ok have a great week!
Elder Knudson

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