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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 17, November 28, 2011

hey família!
sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week last week! and i am pretty jealous of all the food! but i guess ill have to wait on that one! hehe! this week was pretty busy! like every week! but the work is starting to get easier, well not easier, but im getting used to it! this week we taught a lot of people! we teach around 32 lessons a week and walk a ton! this week we had a amazing experience! we talked with a woman on the street and she said we could visit her later on in the week, but when we went there she wasn~t home... but her neihbor was! :D and she is amazing! the lord truely prepared her for us! and on the second visit (the first was us talking in the doorway) she accepted a baptismal date! we are preparing her for the 24 of dec! we are working on making december a "natal branco" hehe! i~m working on making up for the lack of snow with people dressed in white! right now we have 6 people to be baptized in december but we will be talking with someone tomorrow that we will mark for the 17 or 24 too! and maybe more! the lord is truely preparing the people for us, we just have to find them! the portuguese is progressing quite nicely! i am beginnning to think in portuguese and it is a little hard to write in english too, so please forgive the spelling errors! hehe! i am almost finished with the book of mormon in english, i will finish this week for sure! i can~t believe i read it in 4 months! my love for the scriptures has grown SO much these for months! it is pretty amazing!
so macie, you want to know what they eat most here? every day, without fail, we have rice and beans. and it is always acompanied with meat of some kind, normally chicken or beef. but we also eat lots of spaghetti too. and i cant wait for the skittles! hehe!
thank you so much for the scriptures! i love to study them and to see how they can help in our everyday life, but for me, everything is being applied to a mission and how it can help here, it is funny because we find scriptures where the prophets and missionaries did street contacts too! it is cool! but alma 17:11-12 are the scriptures that i left with bishop for my plaque, did that ever make it there? it truely is an amazing scripture!
21 pound turkey! that is huge! i cant even imagine eating that much! hehe! and i will work on the christmas traditions around here, i do know that everyone buys trees here, because they don~t have real christmas trees here, wrong climate for pine trees! hehe! but today i will be buying myself a little one and putting it up in the house! i~m pretty excited!
we didn~t do anything special on thankgiving, honestly i almost forgot it was thanksgiving! hehe! but that~s ok! dad take pictures of the snow for me when you go up to get the tree!
so how are things going back there? it is weird to think that it is getting hotter here as it is getting colder there! it is funny bc i completely skipped winter this year! hehe! summer, a little bit of fall in the US then spring here and now Summer! it is a little wierd but its cool!
tell tom i said "hi" too!
i love you all!
Elder Knudson

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