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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 19, 12 de dezember de 2011

hey família!
mais uma semana veio e foi! this week was pretty cool but also pretty crazy! but first! PARABÉNS MACIE!! it is really weird being gone for everyones birthdays! so macie you will have to tell me how was your bday! do you feel old yet?
so this last week started out pretty rough, it was very hard to find people at their house. and on quinta-feira(i cant think of the day in english...) we had a meet at the mission office for new missionaries, and it takes about 2 hours to get there. we have to take a bus, then the train, then another bus to get there. the meeting was way cool! we learned a lot about the importance of planning. and i say the last elder that we were waiting for to come here, elder lloyd got his visa! woo hoo! so now we have all of the missionaries here that are coming to this misision! i dont know about elder curtis or elder combs but i hope they have gotten theirs also! ok, so to finish my story about the meeting, after it finished i asked if there were any packages for me, and it turned out that i had 3!!!!!!! i wasnt expecting to have more than one at the office right now! and i also had 4 letters!!! make sure you tell the arandas thank you for me!!!!! i got a package and a letter from them too! i was pretty happy about that! but i felt pretty good leaving the office because i was carrying 3 packages and i had 4 letters! (pretty much the best day every for a missionary) ok now the crazzy part, it started to rain... and we had to take the train... and when it rains here EVERYONE takes the train... so we arrived at the station at 5:15 and there was NO way we were going to get on the train with 3 packages and 2 new fans (elder vasconcelos was carrying them). so you know those comercials about the people on black friday? when the people rip the doors to the stoor open and FIGHT to get in? yeah... that is more calm than how the train station was! hehe! and the hour that we FINALLY got on the train was 8:45. it was a pretty crazy day. we didn~t get to the house until 10 oclock! BUT on friday we taught 8 lessons and on satuday we taught 9! the lord really blessed us this week! and we finished the week with 20 new investigators and we taught 32 lessons this week in total! so cool! and friday night when we were planning, i had a thought that we should study ch 5 of Preach My Gospel where it talks about how the book of mormon answers the questions of the soul, and we study about "why the lord lets suffering happen" and on saturday we were teach a woman and she asked that EXACT question! i almost fell out of the chair when i realized what had happened! the spirit is so amazing! we need to seek the promptings of the spirit!
we are having a hard time still with investigators in sacrament meeting, yesterday we had only one, but we are doing all we can.

so how are things going back home? i am going crazy to open my packages! all three, Adria's, Aranda's, and yours! hehe! i~m pretty excited, but it is really weird to be away from home during the holiday season... i am really missing everyone, it is pretty hard sometimes, but it is a lot easier when we are working so hard to help other people!

so scripture for this week is the book of Jonas in the bible, we had a lesson on it in elders quorum, he related it to home teaching and asked "are we fleeing our responsibility to help those we are supposed to visit" but it can be applied to many things, what things are we fleeing that we need to be doing?
i love you all! happy birthday macie! have a great week!
Elder Knudson

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  1. You're very inspiring Braden. What a testimony of how the Holy Ghost can prompt us to be prepared to answer others questions. Keep it up, and stand tall and and be a good example of our missionaries. I love you. Grandma Eves