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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 15 November 14, 2011

hello familly!!!!!!!
so the space bar is kinda freakin out on me so if there are a ton of extra spaces you know why!
another week has flown by!!!! so each week we send a letter to the president, this week he responded and said i will turn into a great leader in the mission, and when i told my companion he laughed and said i will become assistant to the president. oh, boy... hehe! i think it would be pretty cool though, to be able to work alongside the president every day! talk about spiritual!
the work is continually progressing! we just passed the first transfer sunday! luckily both of us are staying here for another transfer! it is so crazy how fast the time flies! i had a pretty cool experience is personal study today! i was ready ether 6, and i read vs 3 were it talks about the rocks that christ touch and they were able to privide light, and the thought came to my mind, "what kind of rock am i? am i shining to show the people the way to "the promised land"(fulness of the gospel)?" all of us that are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been touched by Christ! we know the path that leads back to our Father in Heaven, and we can be like these rocks, we can light the way for others to come to this knowledge also. but a rock can also be a stumbling block if we are not careful, we need to be sure we are a "rock that lights the way" not a "stumbling block".
we are working with a lot of people and a lot of families here! it is crazy the difference between here and the missionary work in the US, elder combs said he had 4 new investigators this week, to show you the difference, we had 21 new investigators this week. but also the difference is that some people here just say yes to us because of the difference of religion here. there are so many churches! there are litterally almost 15 different churches in about a 1/2 a mile of road... not in every area but in some. the people here really need to know the truth, it makes me think of Joseph Smith, how he was so confused about all the different churches, and i can see why he was so confused. i am so greatful to have the fulness of the gospel in my life! and the knowledge that this is the path that will lead me back to my father in heaven!
thank you bishop and tina for the emails! you don~t have any idea how happy i am to hear about justin and dylan, i pray for dylan a lot! make sure he is getting my emails !
the portuguese is coming along! everyone says that after 6 months you are finally comfortable with everything, speaking and all, but i don~t know if that is 6 months in the field or in the mission... oh well, i~ll just keep studying! dad, what i did when i first started to read the BOM in portuguese i would highlight the words i didn~t know and write the word in english above it, it is very slow moving at first but after time you will notice that you aren~t highlighting very much and you are understanding! about the pronuciacion, you will have to have some one coach you on that... hehe! i~m sure the sanchezes would love you help! you could even suggest having a spanish class at the church and you could have the missionaries invite people to, idk, we try to do english classes here but there are probably a lot more people here that want to learn english then there are that want to learn spanish there...
i love you all so much!!!!!! thank you for all the prayers! this is truely the Lords church! share that knowledge with everyone!
Elder Knudson

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