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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 18, 5 de dezembro de 2011

hello again family!
it is true, the weeks and the days are truely blurning, running, and mushing together! and it is hard to pull the details from yesterday, let alone last week! hehe! this week was difficult for us, we were hit with a little bit of laziness after wed, when it was around 38 degrees celcius. and it made everything very rushed! but we managed to pull out and we have made plans to stay strong and attain our goals for the week!
i am really beginning to have a hard time with english! i really have to think about the words sometimes! so i'm sure that there will be a few words in portuguese! but while i am doing so much better with the language, i still get frustrated sometimes. i really cant express myself well at all, and this is something i want to do. but the cool thing is how the Lord shows us that everything is ok, yesterday was stake conference and one of the members of our ward came up to me and told me that a different member, that was in one of our lessons, said that i teach very good and very clearly. i didnt really believe her but it made me feel a lot better and was definately a blessing! today we have a zone activity and President Pinho came to it, it was way cool! we played a little soccer and basketball and then he played volleyball with us! we played americans against brazilians, americans won! hehe! but it was great! we had a bbq also! way good! one thing i will look for when i come home, guaraná! if you can find it there, try it! it is great! we have it like everyday here!
dads experience sunday is way cool! and it is way more satisfying when we act on the promptings we get! it is funny that you compared it to inviting people to be baptized! and it truely is nerve wracking! but it feels SO GOOD when they say YES! and if you see him at work during the week, ask him how he felt during church and help him recognize the spirit that he felt at church. the feelings that we have there are so hard to describe and if you dont know how to recognize them, then they are impossible to act on! and that is why it is so important for us members of the church to help our friends and co-workers with these feelings! we have such a great opportunity to help so many people to understand more about the turth!
during the conference yesterday an area 70 was there, and he said something that i like so much and i think it mom should use it in seminary to help the kids live the standards. he said: IT IS BETTER TO BE WORTHY THAN LOVED!! when he said that it hit me so hard and i have to share it. it is so true and we have to be examples to the ones we are around, because if we, the members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, dont show a good example to the world then we are leaving room for the enemy of all righteousness to work with the hearts of those we could have influenced for good. my companion has a phrase that he says a lot, "the devil works 25 hours a day". and it is true. we have to do all we can to help everyone come unto Christ! we HAVE to be good examples!
and Elder Varly, i think i know him! if he is the elder i think he is, he has the same time in the mission that i have and i we spent time in the MTC together! he is really cool! and that will be way exciting if he lives so close! we will definately get together and talk after the mission!
Daniel is going to be BAPTIZED! that is the favorite word for missionaries! hehe! daniel you will have to tell me all about it ok? it will be amazing! and you will remember how you feel when you are baptized for the rest of your live! i love you! dont forget to read your scriptures ok?
i dont know how calling home will work yet but i will do my best to find out for you!!!!!!! i am way excited! but be prepared because i will have a hard time speaking english at first! hehe! the other day i forgot the word for "devolope" like develope photos, here it is "revelar" and i spent almost 2 days thinking of it, and finally i just looked it up in my dictionary because if was bugging me.
p-day is so great, a lot of the time is spent resting! because during the week is so SO rushed! no there are no bikes here, if we did they would get robbed so fast and honestly it isnt very safe either. and with all the hills we would be walking them a lot of the time anyway! hehe! just walking and the bus! on p-day we buy food for the week, i dont have to much food of substance in the house, mostly snacks because we eat lunch with the members and when we get home at 9 o clock all i want to do after planning is crash! so i eat something small and go to bed! hehe!
when we do laundry we have to hang it outside, we dont have a dryer. it is a little tricky sometimes with all of the rain! and yes, i get pretty soaked a lot of the time! but thats ok!
i love you all so much and i think about you a lot! always remember CPR: Church, Prayer, Read the scriptures! 3 things that will NEVER lead you astray!
Elder Knudson

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