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Sunday, December 4, 2011

WEEK 16 November 21, 2011

hello again my wonderful family!
this week was pretty hard and very very busy!!! we had 2 different times this week that we did exchanges, one on wed were i went to Parelheiros and one on fri when elder vasconcelos had a meeting for district leaders, and i stayed in my area with 2 other elders, one of them had only been in the field for 4 days! i felt good not being the "youngest" in the field anymore! but he is pretty cool and he is speaking really well too! this saturday we had a baptism for Luís Carlos, and i got to confirm him! it was pretty nerve wracking! hehe! but so very cool! i really felt like my portuguese got a lot better this week, i am becoming more and more comfortable talking with people, but i still have a hard time expressing myself and talking about things not very related to missionary work, but its coming! and i am very happy about that! i made a video with my companion on saturday and you will see that i am starting to have a hard time with english! prettty crazy! i can only imagine how it will be after 2 years.
it is really weird to think that i wont be there for thanksgiving, and no they dont have a holiday like it here, that i know of. i will miss all the turkey and mashed potatoes. take pictures for me!
the work here is going good, but it is so very different from the work there in the US, we find a lot of people to teach but we have such a hard time getting them to read and pray and understand why it is so important, all of the religions here have really distorted how the gospel should be. and it is SO hard to get them to come to church, this week we had none of our investigators there... and we have 7 people marked for baptism in december, they have to come to church before we can baptize them...
about stuff that i need, i forgot to bring my priesthood line of authority with me so if you could send that to me in the package too that would be great! i would like to do the names this year for christmas but by now the gift wouldnt get there until after christmas, because youd have to tell me who i have nxt week, but if they are fine with getting a gift a little late then put me in! :D
so i've been thinking about christmas alot lately and how i may not even have a tree... hehe! i think i will try to find a little tree about 2 feet tall or something like that, so i can at least feel like it is almost christmas, it is really strange, because it is getting hotter here instead of colder... and that feeling i get every year about the snow is coming too! i will definately be spending some (a lot) time in the snow when i come back! but ill send a picture of my christmas tree when i finally get it!
I love you all!
thank you for all the prayers and support!
Elder Knudson

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