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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

19 de dezember de 2011

hey everyone!
another week has past and one more week till i will be talking with you! i am pretty excited about it! this lask week was a pretty good week! i am starting to feel more comfortable teaching the people and talking with them. i still have difficulties understanding everything sometime, i have to focus a lot! which is hard after lunch and it is hot and you are fighting to not fall asleep! hehe! we didn~t have any of our investigators at church again this week... we are having a really hard time with that, so far in this transfer we have had a total of 4 investigators at the church... not a good number... but we need to work more with the members to have them have friends that are at the church too. it is a little more difficult becasue hardly anyone has a car and they have to pay to use the bus, but i think that hardest part is that it is christmas season and everyone is busy with other things. i~ll let you know how it all goes and how we are trying to cope with all the challenges.
this morning was pretty cool, i don~t know why but i just had this feeling when i was talking with elder vasconcelos that the lord has something big in store for me here in brasil. but i also feel like that will come with a better mastery of the language. i want to bad to be able to help all of these people learn and recieve the blessings of the gospel. Mosiah 28:3, i am definatiely starting to feel that very stongly. and i get the most frustrated when i cant help someone because i dont know very much of the language, but i am ttrying to be patient. it is amazing the strength that we can get throught the scriptures! every time i am feeling that i cant go any further i read the Book of Mormon and i feel so much better about everything, i feel rejuvinated and i know that i can go a little bit further. our mission president said something pretty cool, he said that the lord can only guide our feet it they are moving. we have to put in our part first before the lord can do anything! my testimiony is growing so much, i dont know how to describe how i feel about the church and everything that happens, but i am learning more aobut myself and about my savior every day! i know that this is the only true church on the earth today and that we have live with our heavenly father again!
so the big news for the week! my companion was got a call last night and is being transfered tomorrow... oh boy! normally it would only be next week but there are missionaries going home this week so it is an emergency transfer. but he also got called to be a zone leader. we~ll find out tomorrow where he will go and who will be my new companion! i am pretty nervous about it all but i think everything will be fine. and i will try not to get us lost! that is the main thing that i worry about... for example, we were talking with someone and i wrote down his adress, and i wrote "estado por" and when i told elder vasconcelos that he didn~t know where it was but then he thought for a little and he said "estrado do porta?" yup, that was it... hehe! names of streets are this hardest to learn. imagine a maze, and then give a name to every turn, thats about how it is here! crazy... but oh well! hehe!
i love you all! ill talk to you soon!
merry Christmas! or Feliz Natal!
Elder Knudson

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