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Thursday, April 12, 2012

2 de abril de 2012

hello everyone!
another week down and lots of lessons learned! conference was amazing! we
got to watch all of the sessions at the stake center here. it was cool to think
that everyone was watching them all at the same time. except the priesthood
session, we watched that one at 6 in the morning on sunday. but i loved all of
the talks! i dont really remember all of my notes are in the house, but it was
pretty amazing! i watched the first session on saturday in portuguese and the
rest were all in english, i understood everything that was said, but it isnt the
same in another language, the real voices are so much more powerful! but what a
wonderful blessing it is to be able to hear the words of the prophet in our own
language! one of the people said that the book of mormon is now in 107
languages! how neat is that! and i felt pretty cool when he said how many
missionaries were serving in the field, 55,410! and i am one of them! pretty
awesome! i cant wait till the talks comeout in the liahona so i can read them
all again! there were a lot of talks that made me think about the investigators
that we are teaching at the moment and i want to read them again so i can help
them better.
so brazil has another thing besides guaraná that is pretty much AWESOME!
it is called açai, it is a fruit that they have here that they make into a
juice and a icecream type of thing. but it is pretty good! we went and ate in
in between conferences on saturday.
this past week president pinho came and interviewed us at our houses! the
house was a pretty good mess when i got there, so we spent some time cleaning
the house to get it ready for president, but it is all clean now and i am
this week is going to be a pretty good week! we are working really hard to
find more people and to help people to baptism! and today we are going to make
tacos for lunch! yum!
i have been missing rootbeer a lot lately, and real hamburgers... but i
will have to continue to make that sacrifice a little bit longer... hahha
always remember to read the book of mormon! it is a GREAT book! i know
that it is true and that it is the word of God. i love you all so much! HAPPY
and happy birthday dallin!
Elder Knudson

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