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Monday, March 26, 2012

26 de março de 2012

hello again!
this week has been pretty good and pretty busy! so last week i got
transfered from my old area in Jardim Campinas to Vista Alegre, the stake is
Embu. this is a pretty cool area but it is pretty much only hills... i thought
my other area was a lot, but it is nothing compared to here! but it is all good,
ill just get into really good shape! my new companion is Elder Lemes, he is a
really good missionary and he only has 2 months till he goes home! ha! but he is
still really focussed and we will work really well together! this week we marked
4 people for baptism, Lucas, Leninha, Jilvalda, and José Jackson. our ward meets
in the stake center and it is HUGE!!!!!!!! i guess they finished renewing the
building in december or january, so it is all brand new! but the members are
still getting used to the move of locations and the attendance is suffering a
little, but we'll work on that!
i am learning a lot in the scriptures and every time i read them i learn
something new! i am in alma 12 in portuguese now and it is awesome! alma 11
shows us what we can do when we are guided by the holy ghost! amuleque is a
great example, and the companionship of alma and amuleque is an example for
everyone! keep reading and you WILL see the difference in your life!
so i cant believe that you bought motorcycles!!!!!!!!! i feel like that
elder in the best 2 years that freaks out when he reads that his family bought a
boat. haha! but make sure you keep them all nice for me so i can have some fun
too when i get back!
so it sounds like dallins eagle project is coming along great! send me a
foto of the final product! hows trevors eagle project going? his bday is coming
up soon!
so how is seminary going? you know i kinda miss seminary... yeah i know
i love you all so much! i know that this is the place i am supposed to be
and i wouldnt change that for anything! it is such a blessing to be able to
teach so many peole about the restoration of the gospel! if you dont have a
strong testimony about Joseph Smith or if you have any doubt, pray and ask! i
know with all of my heart that God will answer your prayer! he live and he loves
us! and he listens and answers all of our prayers!
Elder Knudson

We were able to catch elder knudson
before he got off today and ask him a few questions with our emails going back
and forth! Alway a great day when that happens,
we miss our elder so much!! Here are the
emails below.

Elder:so how are things back home? did
you ride the motorcycles yet?Rebecca:Yes the kids went out for a quick ride
before it got dark saturday with dad, I stayed home.
Elder: haha! i want to ride! my
mode of transportation here is my 2 feet! it is good but sometimes it is
Rebecca: Where is your new comp from?Elder: i think he is
from Rio Grande do Sul, but i forgot at the moment, yeah, Rio Grande do Sul.
Rebecca: Oh so another native Brazilian, I bet that is good
for your language skills!
Elder: yup! it is good! it is cool because i dont really have
too many problems with portuguese now!
Rebecca: Do you have a new address? How close are you to the
temple in SP. I want your address so I can google where you are on google
Elder: my area is pretty close to the temple! i think 30 min
on the bus if the trafic is good. i dont remember the adress, but i think you
will be able to find Embu Das Artes, it is a really touristy area here, but it
isnt my area there, my area is Vista Alegre. no the adress it to the mission
office, so it wont change, but the adress to the house is obviously different.
ill get it for you for next week and you can look it up on google maps ok.
Rebecca: Make a new video journal with this comp so we can
see how well you speak in portegueese.
Elder: ill be sure we make a video. i keep wanting to write
in portuguese! haha!
Rebecca: We were wondering if it was getting hard for you to
write in english. I bet it is hard to talk in english now!
Elder: the little words like here and other little things
always come out in portuguese, but i have to fucus when i am
writingRebecca: We are hoping you can skype with us on mother day! is that
Elder: i would like to skype next time, so i will do my best
to get it all figured out! ok macie, como você está?
Rebecca: Macie and Daniel: We love you so much and miss you!
Have a great day!
Elder:gtg, i love you

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