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Monday, March 12, 2012

20 de fevereiro de 2012

hey fam!!!!!i cant believe another week has come and gone! so much is going
on and i am loving it here! wed we went to the temple! it was ablsolutely
amazing, but like always, getting there was a NIGHTMARE!!!! we left our house
at 7am to be able to get to the temple at 9. our session started at 1030. but
because of the transit we got to the temple at 1010... luckily we made it JUST
in time! it is crazy how hard it is to travel to the center of São Paulo! i am
SO glad that i live in a little city and that i have a car! hehe! but the
temple was amazing! it was exactly what i was needing! but afterwards we went
to the temple we wanted to go to a churrascaria (brazilian bbq place) and we
decide to go to this one down the road from the temple called Búfalo Branco. in
the fron it said that it would be 35, so we dicided why not. but when we got
inside we asked how much it costs and he said that the part that we wanted was
really 47! too much for our missionary budget... and as we were leaving i said
to elder petersen, they must serve the WHOLE buffalo, huh? he thought that that
was pretty funny! but we ended up going to a smaller one that was a lot cheaper
but still VERY good!i cant believe that i am going to leave this area... i
have been here almost 6 months and you would think that i'd want to leave, but i
dont want to leave... there are so many cool people here that i have gotten to
know. but it is pretty much for sure that i will be transfered from here in 4
more weeks... the time will go by SO fast! but in a way it is good to know that
i will be leaving because i will have enough time to say bye to everyone and get
everyones addresses! i bought a little folder today to put eveyones addresses
and stuff in so i can keep in contact with did you guys send me
my priesthood line of authority with my package that you sent? i really would
like to have that here with me. do you know if Dylan is getting my emails or
anything? if not, can you make sure that he is please! so lately i have
recently finished the part in the book of mormon where abinadi is talking to the
king noah and is killed. he says and teaches some very powerful stuff that we
can deffinately apply to our lives! the best example that he leaves for us is
the willingness that he had to die for the things that he believed in! we all
need to have that kind of a testimony, where we are willing to die to defend the
church and what it stands for! i am still working on that in my life too, but i
know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth! i know that
the Book of Mormon in true and that it is the word of God.stay strong! i
love you all! and thank you for giving Adria that hug for me! Love
Elder Knudson

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