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Monday, March 19, 2012

19 de março 2012: TRANSFERS

hey familly
well i was transfered. i dont really know what to think about it
yet. im pretty excited but at the same time VERY nervous. i am going to miss
so many people here... saying goodbye is so hard. but i really will take all
of them with me in my heart. tonight we will have a little Familly night thing
so i can say bye to everyone and take pictures. the member that is sending
the pictures is Renato. he is pretty much awesome! he served a mission around
the same time as dad, back when it was memorized lessons. but he helps us out
so much in the work and last monday he took us to an indian reserve, it is like
litterally the lamanite village! it is so cool! but they are pretty modern
too, one of them had satalite tv! but it was really cool to go see! so the
pizza here is pretty good! and it is pretty much a missionary tradition and he
carried it over from the mission to his family too!for the transfers
everyone goes to the chapel by the mission office that is being transfered and
president tells you who will be your new companion and which area, so i dont
know where i will go yet... but it will be all good! i am excited to work in a
new area and meet new people, i think i am finally starting to figure out my
style of working and, they dont celebrate st patricks day here.
it came and went and i didnt even know... ha! but oh well, everyday is the same
anyway so i dont know what difference it would make. but i'll get back into all
the holidays in another year and 4 months (roughly).so this week was pretty
cool, we worked really hard and we taught a lot of people! but the highlight of
the week was yesterday! we were walking up a road and we saw Gustavo (the kid i
baptized) and Italo (other YM in the ward) visiting the other young men in the
ward! and they were doing it without any leader being with them or even asking
them to do it! and they said that they were going to do it every
sunday!!!!!!!! i almost cried! it was so cool to see!so it sounds like
dallins project is going good! keep it up and hopefully it doesnt rain too much
for you! i cant believe that in 2 weeks i will have been on the mission for
8 months... it is going by so fast! soon it will be a year! the work is
amazing! the people are amazing! and i cant believe the love that i have
developed for the people here. the hardest thing that we see is when someone
tells us that they dont want anything to do with God... it is hard to see people
lost in the ways of the world and not be able to do anything about it because of
their agency. but i am learning so much! the scriptures are amazing! i am in
alma 10 in portuguese! it is so cool to be able to understand another
language! the church is true! i have NO doubt! stay strong and always
remember who you are and what you stand for!!i love you
all!loveElder Knudson

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