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Monday, March 12, 2012

12 de março de 2012

hey fam!!another week FLEW by! i feel like i was just here writing you!
but so much has happened this last week. so this is my last week in this area,
on the 20th i should be transfered from here. but this last week was pretty
good, but very difficult. so on tuesdays we do a ward family night at the
chapel and it has been going really good! this last week we watched a movie
called 17 miracles. it is AMAZING! if you havent watched it yet, watch it!
and keep the tissues ready! it is a story about he martin handcart company and
all of the stuff that they went through. on wednesday we had a meeting with an
area 70, Elder Carlos Godoy. he is funny! he was baptized when he was 16 years
old and was taught by the sister missionaries. but the miracle was that we
showed up ON TIME!! we left the house at 600 and we got there at 830. it was
the first time that we didnt have complications on the journey. but the meeting
was very spiritual and really neat! one of our baptisms fell through but we
did have one! his name is eduardo and is 11, he is really excited about the
church and said that he wants to serve a mission! and after i confirmed him a
member of the church, he gave everyone that was seated on the pulpit a hug! it
was pretty cool! hopefully he can help reactivate some of his family
members.this week was SUPER hot here in São Paulo! but then on saturday it
decided to rain, it seemed more like a hurricane with all the wind and the DOWN
POOR of rain! but it was cool! we also had a bolt of lighting strick like 30
feet away from us! it was pretty much awesome! i have never heard anything so
loud before! but it was cool!yes we do have daylight savings here, but we
moved back an hour! so it was really nice for us! so that means that we are
only 4 hours apart now instead of 6 hours.oh, so last night we were teaching
some of our investigators, a couple that lives together but isnt married (one of
the most normal things here), but ozvaldo had an awesome question! he was
confused why he needed to be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost when he was
already feel the guidance of the spirit. he didnt see what difference it would
make. and with much help from the Holy Ghost i was able to explain about the
Light of Christ and the differences there are between the 2. and how the light
of Christ is preparatory for the holy ghost. it was super spiritual and super
neat!i love you all so much!have a great weekloveElder

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