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Monday, March 12, 2012

5 de

hello FAM!this week was SO amazing! the last 3 weeks before this one were
SO hard! truely the lord was testing us! but this week we met almost all of
our goals! it was amazing! and, saturday marked 7 months on the mission! i
cant believe it! it is going by so fast!so i dont know where to start... so
this saturday on the 10 we will have 2 baptisms! we are pretty excited and all
of the elders in the zone will baptize together! it is going to be a giant
baptismal service! so last week started out really hard. but we kept going
and on wed we taught 6 lessons and then on thursday we taught 9 lessons! it was
great! we worked really hard this week and you could tell because every night
we arrived at home and planned for the next day we pretty hit the bed already
asleep! but we also found 12 new investigators this week! this really was a
week of miracles! also! i am seeing that the members here in the ward really
like us! on wed night we had a member that bought pizza for us, and on thurs
night we had pizza again, then on fri night we had a churrasco! brazilian bbq
is REALLY good! but the work goes a lot easier when the members help! and we
are always with filled bellies! on wednesday we have a meeting with a area
70, elder godoy i think, but it will be awesome! it is so cool to be taught
right from the leaders of the church! so this week i finished mosiah in
portuguese! i was pretty excited! mosiah has so many amazing lessons for us to
learn! and i am already learning a ton from alma! the scriptures really come
alive for us when we truely study! and the examples that we have are absolutely
amazing! so it sounds like everyone bck home is so busy! i miss all of the
kids in the school! tell everyone that i said hi! and i am working on the
pictures still, but dont worry, they will be there sooner than you think!so
i will be here in this area for 2 more weeks then it is on to the next area! i
dont want to leave this area bt i think i am ready for a change of scenary. but
i will definately miss everyone here! i love you all! tell everyone that
they are free to write me letters whenever they want!love Elder

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