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Monday, March 12, 2012

27 de fevereiro de 2012

hello again!this week went by very fast. i am starting to think that that
is just how it is going to be. the time goes by so fast i dont know what to do
with myself sometimes. ths week on the 3rd will mark 7 months on the
mission! i cant believe that i have actually been here for that long! i still
feel like i have SO much to do here in Brazil and i am still working to find
what most of that stuff is. this week was pretty hard for us. we are having a
really hard time finding new people to teach, but hopefully this next week
everything goes good and we can teach a lot of people! we are working with a
couple to help them get married so they can be baptized! it is pretty funny how
it all happened! we taught them the law of chastity about 2 weeks ago and they
said that they wanted to get married in like 6 months... then the next visit we
had with them they had found out that she had gotten pregnant and they wanted to
get married "yesterday"! but then on the next visit she was talking about all
of the normal girl's dream to have a fancy wedding and that they would have to
wait intill june... so we talked about the blessings that come from keeping the
commandments and encouraged her to talk to her "husband". then yesterday we
were talking with him in the garage before the visit and he was talking about
how they were going to wait to get married to be able to plan everything, and
then she came down and said, "i want to get married really fast" and he made a
face like, "what... didnt we talk about this?" it was pretty funny! and elder
petersen and i were pretty happy! i think we are going to take them on saturday
to mark a marriage date. also yesterday, gustavo came with us for a few visits
at the end of the day! it is so cool the effect that the gospel has on people!
he talks all the time about going on a mission and he already bought a Preach My
Gospel! it is so cool!other than that not too many cool stories. carnaval
here wasnt that bad, we are far enough away from the center of the city where
you dont see all the crazy drunk people. but my companion was telling me that
there is a street call avenida paulista, where if you see a girl and you want to
kiss her, you can just grab her and give her one... but luckily in our area it
was problem free!so the story about the rat was pretty exciting! go
sophie! did you give her a dog treat?so i have 3 more weeks in this area
then i am off to the next adventure here in brazil, i dont quite know what to
think of it yet. i want to stay here, but at the same time i am excited for
something new! i have been in this area for almost 6 months now! wow... but i
have made so many neat friends and it will be hard to leave. i am able to
say almost anything that i want now in portuguese! it still comes out a little
rough sometimes but it is so cool to look back and remember when i got here
andhow i talked then and where i am at now!i love you all so much! dont
forget to share the gospel with EVERYONE!love Elder Knudson

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