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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Departure day! Sacramento Airport Aug 3, 2011

Arriving at the Sacramento Airport! 5 am

Braden's flight was EARLY! 6:20 am! We had to have him there by 5 am. We were all so excited to see him start his mission to Brazil, but saying goodbye was HARD!

As we drove to the Airport I started to worry about Braden having never flown before! He did Fly once with me when he was 2 but can't remember it!

So I was telling him all you have to do to go through security, like take off your shoes, & Belt and Watch. Get a tray and put everything in it, your bags and everything have to go through the scanner... It was at that point I realized he was just going to have to go for it & I couldn't be there to help! He is an adult after all! So I prayed a silent prayer in the car that he would have help if he needed it, That I was turning him over to Heavenly Father now and Please send him help if he needs anything in the airport.

As we were saying goodbye and he headed off to security a woman in a blue security uniform came up to us and asked us if we were sending our son off for 2 years?

"Yes" I cried! She said she had a daughter that just got home. Then she asked if he had eaten breakfast? My tearful reply, "I don't know" ( I forgot he had me make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before we left).

So she said she would take care of him!

I cried even more as I watched her go around and wait for him, He says she called him Elder and it surprised him, Then she told him what he needed to do.

She took him after he got through security and bought him a little breakfast, then took him to the gate! Sometimes Heavenly Father answers my prayers in a way that leaves me speechless! I was grateful for that answer!

It was probably more for me than Braden I know that & I feel so grateful!

We love you Braden!

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