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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 2 Letter @ the MTC

hello everyone!!!!
this week has been pretty eventful, and i probably wont remember half of the stuff that went on this week, but i'll do my best. so my companions names are Elder Ogasawara, he's from japan, and Elder Cox, from Seatle Washington.
it is really hard to think back on a specific day and tell you about it cause all of the days are muddled together... i'm starting to get into the swing of things and figuring out how i study best! the spirit here is so amazing and so uplifting! we have a fireside every sun night and a devotional on tuesdays, this sunday we had the mtc director speak to us, he spoke about doing everything we can that PERHAPS we might bring people unto Christ. he talked about how success is not measured by how may baptisms we have or how many lessons we teach, but how pleased the Lord is with our efforts! he said that missionaries tend to think that there is a formula to missionary work, that if they put in X amount of hours they will get X amount of baptisms or whatever, he said their is NO garunteed baptisms, he talked about how all the great missonaries in the Book of Mormon had their attitudes while on their missions, they did all that they coud so that "perhaps" someone might come unto christ and listen to their words. it is difficult to have that type of attitude to give everything you have and expect nothing in return, but i am working on it and i hope by the time i leave for Brazil that i have got it down pretty well! I am doing this so that those people that i talk to will have the chance to choose to come unto Christ, but because they have their agency they can also choose not to. i feel so blessed to know that my Savior has trusted me with the responsability to take his work to the people of São Paulo Brazil!
this past week my testimony has grown so much! it still amazes me how you can feel so strongly about something one day and then the next you feel even stronger! i love this gospel and the message that it brings and the joy that comes from living those teachings!
the language is moving right along! slowly and surely along with lots of hard work! But again, the Lord continues to bless me! He has enabled me to learn so much in 2 weeks that it is quite shocking! yesterday we taught 2 lesson, one was a surprise spur of the moment and one was planned, but both ernt very well, me and my companions were strengthened and were belssed to have the guidence of the Holy Ghost and we were able to successfully give a 30 min lesson about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith in broken prtuguese, but the investigator was able to understand what we were teacking and the spirit testified of the truthfullness of our teachings! it was truely amazing to feel the Spirit of the Lord work through me and my companions to touch the hearts of our investigators!
I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lords church restored in its fullness here upon the earth! i know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that through the power of the priesthood he was able to tranlate the Book of Mormon! i know that everyone can experience more joy from this gospel than through any other means!
I love you ALL!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Knudson

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