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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 3

Óla Everyone!
this has been a pretty awesome week! i don't even know where to start!
yes, all the elders in my district are going to brazil, and all but 3 are going to my area! i'm not sure about the stamps and envelops bc i don't know how all that is supposed to work down in brazil so we'll see about that one
we get to go to the temple once a week! it is awesome! i love it!
we have devotionals every sunday and tuesday evenings! on sunday we had a general authority speak on the importance of obedience and following the spirit, it was a great talk, he was a pretty funny guy too!
don't worry, my clothes still fit! hehe! but there is always SO MUCH FOOD here! it is very hard to portion sometimes! but the downside is that the food gives you pretty bad gas... and when you stick 11 Elders in a room together... you get the idea! hehe!

so this friday i found out i got my VISA!!!!!!!! i was so happy! so this is how it went!
our district leader got the mail for us around lunch and walk in for during our study time and said that 2 people got their visas and told us to guess. immediately my heart went to my throat and some one guessed me and one of my companions, he said one of them was right and since i knoew my comp was having a little trouble with his i knew it was me!!!!!!!!!! and the other one that will be comeing with me is Elder Nielson! so later that day i went to the travel office just to make sure that it was real and not some practical joke, so i went in and asked a ladie who was a little busy if my travel plans means that i got my visa, she said no, and that that could just be a optimistic thing, immidiately my heart sank and i almost felt like thowing up, but then i talked to a different guy who went and checked on the computer if i got it and he came back and said that i did have my visa! i felt like i was floating out of the office!!!!!
so i leave from SLC at 12:50p and get to dallas tx at 4:30p
then i leave from Dallas at 7:40p and get to Sao Paulo at 7:40 am... long flight!!!!!!!!! but i am so excited! i cannot wait to be in brazil! i am pretty nervous! 1 cause of the super long flight time 2 cause i haven't been out of the country before!

so my basic schedule here is
630 wake up
800 breakfast
1245 lunch
545 dinner
and between them i have and hour of gym, 2-3 hours of personal study, two 3 hour blocks of Classroom instruction, an hour of TALL (tech assisted language learning), and 30 min of daily plannig time

i am beggining to realize just how much our Heavenly Father loves us! the Book of Mormon is amazing! it has such potential to bring joy into our life! Scripture of the week! 2 Nephi 32:3

i love you all!!!!!!!!
Elder Knudson

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