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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

News from our Elder

Today Braden got on a plane in SLC to go to Brazil! He was able to call home from the airport in Texas. It was so fun to hear his voice! He is doing so great! I think It was a little weird for him at first to be talking on the phone! Sense the only communication we have had till now is letters and email. He can email once a week and write letters. We will talk to him on the phone on Christmas and Mothers Day!
He Is going to Brazil with one other Elder from his mission and 2 others from a different mission in Brazil. He said they felt like celebrities in the SLC airport, everyone was saying "Hi Elder!" and "Welcome back Elder!" They then explained they were not on their way home... a lot. He told us the MTC in Provo is a lot like being at Youth Conf. or EFY for a long time. It was great! The only time he really left campus was to go to the Provo Temple. We also got a letter in the mail today with a bunch of photos, so I will do another post with those attached. There are a lot of pictures of the temple! You can tell that is the only place he has been, besides the MTD. He loves all the letters and emails he gets, keep writing, or emailing him.
He says his Portuguese is going great! I wish we could have recorded him talking in the language. He told us the First Vision in Portuguese. It was was way awesome to hear!
He now has a 10 hour flight ahead of him. He is boarding the plane now 7:30pm in Texas and will get to Brazil at 7:40 am tomorrow (Brazil time). Brazil is 4 hours ahead of California time.
He is doing so great and is very happy! He is excited to get to Brazil and finish his last 5 weeks of training. Then off to work he goes!

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